Wanted items

16 and 35mm full coat dubbers
312 API cards
AKG 451's
Neumann fet 47
Sennheiser 441
Neve Modules
Tube Tech EQ
Lexicon 300
Yamaha SPX900
Roland Diminsion D
DBX 160 VU
8 trk 1/4" decks
Akai Sampler
AKG 414s, Neumann TLM170
Alesis AI-1
Altec 211 or 210 empty speaker cabinets
Altec 250 SU console
Ampex 3 or 4 track tube decks
Ampex 354 electronics
Ampex ATR102 w/o heads
Ampex M1200, MCI or Soundtracs 24 trk
Ampex MM1100-16, cheap
Ampex MM1200 tension card
Ampex MR70
Ampex MX10 mixer
Ampex portable cases, 4 and 8 rack space
Ampex, Altec, and other tube gear
Aphex Dominator 722 limiter
API Modules
API preamps
Atec coke bottles and lipsticks
Auditronics Grandson 18 inputs
BBE Sonic Maximizer
CBS 4000A Volumax
Collins mono or stereo compressors
Cyclosonic panner
dBX 160,162, Urei LA3A
dBX 160XT
dBX 900 rack
Dolby Surround encoder/decoder
Eventide H3000 or later
Eventide Phaser
Fairchild 670
Fostex T-20 headphones
Gates Level Devil and Sta-Level compressors
Genelec monitor pair
Harrison 3232 input modules
Harrison 4032A
Heathkit IO-10 tube oscilloscope c. 1968
JBL 4311 pr.
Jensen transformers
Langevin AM-4 mixer 10-14 inputs
MXR flanger and phaser modules
Lexicon 224 w/LARC, Lex. 200, PCM60s
Lexicon 224XL
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM42, Roland Vocoders
Lexicon PCM70, 80, 90 MPX-1
Mics: 421s, 57s, RE20s, D12s etc.
Mics: D12, D112, RE20, and ribbons
MXR Flanger
Neumann 47 fets and Telefunken 47
Neumann 87As
Neumann KM56 and KM64 pr.
Neumann KM84 mics
Neumann KMR81 short shotgun
Neumann U47fet
Neve 1272, 1073, 1066 stock w/ mods
Neve board w/1073s, 1081s, 1084s or 1053s
Neve frame or rack for 8 1081s
Orban 622 or 422
Orban 622 parametric
Otari 5050 B II (3) in stands
Otari MTR12
Otari CB113 remote for MTR90
Peavey Mk IV 24x8 or Yam. 2408 stage mon. mixer
Phantom supplies
Pultec EQP1A, 1176 black, LA2, LA3, LA4, AMS RMS16, SDE 3000, 451s, 414s, 421s
Pultec EQs
PYE compressor
Pye compressors
Pye or Altec compressors
RCA BA6A compressors
RCA ribbon mics
Revox A77, B77 or A700
Scully 280 record electronics, cheap
Shure SE-1 tube phono preamp
Solid state mic pres and compressors
Sony TCD5 cassette and Sony APR2003 port. reel deck
Soundcraft MR2400
Spectrasonic Console, 20-30 inputs
Studer A800 Locator
Studer A800 Mk III
Summit mono EQ
Symetrix 511 dynamic noise filter
Syncron AU7's or parts
Tascam 308, cheap
Tascam DA88
Tascam MSR16
TC Electronics 2290
TC Finalizer
Technics RS1500 slow speed 2 trk with 1.875 ips
Uher 4400 or other Uher recorder
Urei 1176 or 1178
Urei 527 or 2-537 31 band EQs
UTC A-11 transformers
Western Electric 1-A, 47-A, RCA 4-AA (1920-30s condenser mics)
Western Electric consoles
Yamaha REV1
Yamaha SPX 90, SPX900
Yamaha SPX90

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