• Patchbays
  • SAVE BIG on new and reconditioned TT or 1/4" longframe Patchbays

    Why pay over $300 for 96 points? Our 144 point T. T. bays are only $229, cleaned and ready to install. Or $169 if you remove the old wiring yourself. 144 points in just one rack space, three rows of 48 T-R-S points, with the top two rows normalled. We recomment the bottom row to be used for outboard gear that is always patched, or for multi's. We also have new T.T. cords for $14, and you can order a burnishing tool to keep your bay working like new for many years, for $29 when you buy a patchbay. Regular price without the purchase of a bay, $49.

    The balanced 1/4" long frame T-R-S bays are 52 points in one rack space, NEW for $189, list is over $300 each. New balanced cords are $14, $10 each in quantity of 50, unbalanced professional cords, only $3 each. List on the 1/4" TRS cords is over $35!

    SPECIAL: used 48 point 1/4" long frame T-R-S bays, (slightly over one rack space) $99. Used jacks mounted on new 52 point panels $149.

    Notes: T.T.- "Tiny Telephone" is the ADC product, and "Bantam" which are identical, is the name for Switchcraft's version. The jacks are military-spec., just like long frame 1/4" tip-ring-sleeve jacks, but they are smaller. This allows up to 144 points in one rack space, versus 52 points for the 1/4" jacks. Dispite the density, the 144 point bays are easy to wire, and since the normals are already installed, you'll save 192 solder joints per bay.

    E-mail us at: audiovlg@ gte.net (remove the space after the @)

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