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These items are for sale by Audio Village, or listed on consignment by our customers. Often there is only one of each, so they are subject to prior sale. If the item you want is sold, we may be able to find another one for you quickly. Contact us for pricing and availability on any item, by phone at 760/320-0728, and remember, it's Pacific Time out here (GMT + 8 hours), or E-mail us at: audiovlg@ (remove the space after the @)

    Save on NEW short MRL Test Tapes

      Here is the full description of our short MRL Tapes for analog recorder alignment:

      They are 2 minutes 47 seconds long. We are an authorized MRL dealer and sell all tapes in the MRL line, but the full length tapes are so expensive, we worked with them to develop a comprehensive set of tones on a short tape. As an example, in full length, a two inch test tape costs over $1000 but our short version is $339. The big different is that these tapes have a 20 to 20kHz sweep, where the full length tape has an announcement followed by a tone, repeating for each frequency throughout the spectrum. This takes lots of time, but it is easy to check frequency response by running our sweep. It's actually faster to do, since most machines only have one EQ adjustment centering at 10kHz on each channel, so you can adjust it, then run the sweep. If it isn't quite right, it's quick to make a slight change and run the sweep again, and when it's flat, check the 10k tone again. If it is -1/4 dB (for example) instead of right at 0 vu for flattest high end, then subsequent channels can be set at -1/4 first, then checked against the sweep. They are recorded +6 above 185nWb/m, which is 355nWb but we can supply any level if you prefer (special order takes a few days longer and costs a bit more). With a 355 nWb tape, the machine can be set up for +6, +9 or +3 operation. Tones are 50 Hz (10 sec), 100 (15 sec), 1kHz (25 sec), 10k (35 sec), 16k (20 sec), white noise for phase adjust (25 sec) and a 20-20k sweep to check response. We added the 16 kHz, since some people prefer it over white noise for the fine azimuth and phase adjustment. They are recorded full track so they work for any track configuration. Prices are for any speed: two inch $339, one inch $279, half inch $199, and quarter inch $119. Discounts apply for multiple purchases, such as two speeds, if ordered at the same time.

      HAN-D-MAG studio demagnetizers, best in the world $89 (NEW) 115 and 220 volts available, as are kits with magnetometers.

      EDITALL splicing blocks for all formats quarter, half, one, two inch Call

      Vintage Gear

      • Ampex 351-2 stereo tube machine, restored, Call
      • Neotek I 12 input, excellent, Call
      • Otari MR12 half inch two track with new heads, Call
      • Neve BCM10 mixer Call
      • Fairchild 670, 2 available Call
      • Neve VR various sizes, Call
      • Lexicon 480L, Call
      • ADC TT (Bantam) Patchbays, $79;
      • NEW short MRL test tapes, $329-2", $279-1", $199-1/2", $109-1/4"
      • Altec 1567A mixers, call
      • Ampex stereo tube 2 track recorders, rebuilt, Call
      • Ampex and Magnecord tube preamps, Call
      • ATR700, 440s - Call for all Ampexes

      • Tascam Model 30 mixer, $195, Model 35, $195
      • KABA real time cassete duplicator system, master and 10 dual slaves (20 slave decks). It coppies both sides at once real time or 2x speed, includes a spare slave for parts. Can be fed from modified CD for double time, or from any other source. Has Saki heads with 10 years life remaining $1995 (or buy a similar used system from KABA for over $10k!!)

        24 TRACKS
        • Ampex seamless PURC cards for 1200s
        • MCI JH24 call
        • MCI JH24 heads R/P excellent, both
        • MCI/Sony JH24 call
        • Otari MTR 90 Series III w/auto locator, remote, new rollers 24500
        • Otari MTR-90 I w/remote and CB107 auto locator, all upgrades
        • Otari MTR100, with Dolby SR and A call
        • Otari MTR90 II
        • Otari MTR90 II
        • Otari MTR90 mk II or mk I call
        • Otari MTR90 mk III, mint cond. call
        • Otari MX80, mint cond.
        • Sony 3324A
        • Sony APR24 call
        • Sony PCM3324 Digital, new heads, auto-locator/remote, <50 hours
        • Studer 820, low hours
        • Studer 827 call
        • Studer 827
        • Studer A 80 Mark III excellent, heads over 75% call
        • Studer A-80 w/auto locator, heads lapped only once, excellent
        • Studer A80 Mk IV
        • Studer A80 mk IV, w/ or w/o Dolby HX Pro, also A80 mk II call
        • Studer A80-24 mkII call
        • Studer A800 mk III call
        • Studer A820 call
        • Studer A827 call
        • Tascam MSR24 call
        16 TRACKS
        • Fostex E16
        • Otari MTR90 II call
        8 TRACKS
        • Ampex MM1200 8 trk workhorse, excellent
        • Otari 5050 Mk III-8 mint cond.
        • Otari Mk III 8 trk head assembly + guides NEW, under half price
        • Otari MX5050, mk III, locator, remote, all for
        • Scully 280 1 8 track

        4 TRACKS
          Otari MTR12-4
        2 TRACKS
        • Ampex 350 electronic call
        • Ampex 440C-2 call
        • Ampex 600, 601, 350s call
        • Ampex AG350 call
        • Ampex ATR700 2 trk
        • Ampex ATR800 2 trk, in roll around
        • Ampex cases for model models call
        • Ferrograph Super 7, 10" open reel, quite British
        • Mitsubishi X80 2 track, w/flight cases
        • Otari 5050B II
        • Remote controls for Ampex, Tascam, Otari call
        • Studer A820 1/2" 2 trk call
        • Tascam 122 cassette, 3 head, rack mt.
        • Tascam ATR60 transport 1/4" 2 trk
        • Technics RS1500 2 trk
        • Altec 1567A tube mixers call
        • Amek Angela call
        • Amek Einstein call
        • Audio Village has customers Worldwide.... Japan, Swden, Switzerland, Trinidad, Canada, Finland, Bolivia, Phillipines, shipping is no problem!
        • Auditronics 501 double frame 46 in call
        • Daven potentiometers, new and used call
        • DDA 3324, 32 input call
        • DDA AMR24 call
        • DDA D series console, 40 frame, 24 mic, 16 line inputs
        • DDA DMR12, 56 ins call
        • Harrison MR3, auto call
        • MCI 636 call
        • Neotek Elite 28x24 call
        • Neotek I 16x8, mint
        • Neotek IIIC 28 ins, Large PB
        • Neve BCM10s and BCM20
        • Neve VR60L call
        • Neve VR call
        • SSL 4032E to 4056G+ and larger Call
        • Tascam M520 call
        • Trident 80 call
        • 3M in-cassette mono or stereo call
        • KABA duplication system 18 slaves
        • Delta Labs ADM-256 Effectron
        • Deltalab Harmonic Computer-vintage
        • Lexicon PCM41 call
        • Lexicon PCM42 call
        • API 550A equalizers call
        • Lang PEQ1 call
        • Neve 1073s call
        • Neve 33114's call
        • Pultec EQH2
        • Pultec MEQ5
        • Trident A range EQs call
        • Ampex 24 trk heads, excellent
        • Ampex 24 trk rec/repro heads, excellent used call
        • Heads for Ampex, 3M, Scully, Otari, Tascam call
        • AKG 414EB
        • Electrovoice EV 667A
        • AKG 414ULS, NEW
        • AKG C12
        • EV RE20 379
        • Neumann KM56 call
        • Neumann KM64
        • Neumann KM83s, 84s, 87s, 67 call
        • Neumann U47 call
        • Neumann U47 and M49 call
        • Neumanns: Call for KM84s, M49, CMV563, KM56, U64
        • Neumanns: Call for: U47, U67, U48, M49, M50, U47fet, M250, M582,
        • RCA 77DX call
        • RCA 44BX
        • RCA 74B ribbon
        • Telefunken ELAM 251 call
        • Telefunken U47 call
        • Allison 4 Kepex in rack
        • Altec 438 compressors call
        • Ampex PR10 stereo preamp
        • Ampex tube mic preamps
        • dBX 1BX
        • Fairchild 670
        • Neve 1073s, 1084s, 1081s, 33115s, 2254Es call
        • Neve 1081 eqs call
        • Neve 2254 call
        • Pultec EQP1A
        • Pultec MEQ5 tube EQs
        • Teletronics (Urei) LA2A call
        • Urei 1176, silver and black face call
        • Urei 1176LN black face call
        • Urei LA3 call
        • Urei LA4 call
        • Lexicon 200 call
        • Lexicon 224XL
        • Lexicon 480L call
        • Lexicon PCM70 and PCM80 call
        • Orban 111B Reverb

      Audio Village
      Palm Springs, California
      760/320-0728 voice
      E-mail us at: audiovlg@ (remove the space after the @)

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