The dog items are actually our mascots, Border Collies Kelso and Carmen. If you want to know more about Border Collies, the world's smartest breed, let us know.
Enjoy our little photo gallery!


Kelso, star of the office relaxes at the pool
Carmen sniffs out any problems when equipment arrives
We can handle big and small vintage gear
Equipment is comprehensively tested for many parameters, including floating grounds.

These GM locomotives built in 1953 were scrapped in 1996. Many of our Ampex items are just as old, but through a little TLC, sound as good today as the day they were built, and are not being scrapped. More importantly they sound better than a lot of currently manufacturered equipment!

This is no dog item at all! It is the famous '50s Ampex 351 tube recorder, still sounding great in the 21st Century. We usually stock them, and are always looking for more.
It's best to use email, phone, fax or mail to contact us. The carrier pigeon method sometime results in severe backups online.

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