Our office is small, but we have a great view of the world of used studio equipment.

Audio Village began as a classical and jazz recording service, also producing humorous commercials, and eventually evolved into a 24 track studio. In the early '80s we branched out into equipment sales as a way to find gear we wanted, and because there seemed to be such an overabundance of hype in the industry. We sell mostly used (known elsewhere as "pre-owned") equipment because the hype is often deafening in the new equipment realm.

Today, we continue to pledge good service in finding the equipment you need. We specialize in vintage gear, Ampex recorders and preamps, and patchbays. But we sell all sorts of studio sound equipment, and a few new items that fit into our range. We sell Manley Labs, some of the best new tube equipment manufactuered, because we admire their philosophy of top quality, and using proven techniques learned over the "ages" of recording. (manleylabs.com, check out their line and tell them we sent you, then call us for best pricing!) We also carry Magnetic Reference Labs' test tapes, standard of the industry. In addition to the standard length test tapes, we offer our own short version, made for us by MRL. These allow you to buy a two inch test tape for only $329, instead of $1020 for a full length tape. It's one example of our desire to serve you, and save you money.

Patchbays are really at the heart of your recording system, allowing the flexibility even the smallest project room needs. We offer T.T. (Tiny Telephone, also know as Bantam) as well as the standard 1/4" long frame T.R.S. bays and cords.

Ampex was one of the pioneers, and practically invented modern recording in America. They invented videotape and heilical recording which is the basis of DAT and VCR technology. (Of course, they sold it for a song, much like Xerox Parc did with their designs which evolved into MacIntosh computers, Windows, and all the features which make computers usable.) We always have and are looking for, Ampex analog audio gear. The tube recorders sound wonderful, and even if you're all-digital, you can use the preamps from these recorders as top quality, affordable mic preamps and line drivers.

Audio Village is located in Palm Springs, California, in the desert 100 miles east of L.A. Call us if you are planning to visit the desert. We mostly do online sales, so our showroom isn't flashy; but we'll be glad to show you around and give you more opinions than you might otherwise request!

You can reach us thorough this website, as well as the more conventional phone, post and carrier pigeon methods.

For pigeon deliveries, instruct your bird that we are near 33o51' north latitude, 116o33' west longitude, and we'll be outside waving if we expect him. He can dine free at our National Bird Sanctuary, which is the name of our mission-style birdfeeder just outside the office.

Audio Village
Palm Springs, California
760/320-0728 voice
E-mail us at: audiovlg@ gte.net (remove the space after the @)

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